Security on ground floors. Keys to prevent burglary

Ground floors, advantages and disadvantages of popular homes for families

If in the previous post we talked about security in penthouses, in this publication we are going to focus on security in ground floors. Although they are different properties, sometimes, some buyers have doubts about the decision for one or the other type. Each has advantages and disadvantages, sometimes common.

The main common advantage is the availability of outdoor space (usually for private use), such as ground floor courtyards and penthouse terraces. Other strengths of ground floors are their easy accessibility (ideal for people with mobility problems), their suitability for families and people with pets, and their generally lower price. On the downside are factors such as less light, less privacy, more exposure to noise and greater risk of flooding, which will depend on the construction and the area. It shares with penthouses the disadvantage of less security.

Are ground floors really less safe?

As far as security is concerned, ground floors have always had a reputation for being unsafe properties. They are less secure because they are at street level and also because they have interior courtyards. It is very easy for an intruder to gain access to an interior courtyard and, consequently, access to the rest of the courtyards in the whole block. It is undeniable that being at street level gives a feeling of vulnerability and that statistics indicate that burglaries are frequent in this type of housing.

However, it is worth remembering that other factors play an equally, if not more, decisive role in burglary intent. Houses that are rarely inhabited (second homes or holiday homes) or uninhabited, and certain uses of social networks by the owners (sharing photographs of the house, publishing when they go on holiday...) are examples of other determining factors, as burglars tend to take advantage of this type of information to their advantage.

What are the best security measures for ground floors?

By following the following tips (sometimes in common with the tips for attics), we can increase the protection of ground floors and enjoy all the advantages they have to offer.

As in the case of attics, we should consider both the solutions of physical elements and the installation of a good alarm system.

Physical elements

  • Doors:It is advisable to install an armoured security door, with good anchoring and reinforced frame, ideally combined with a lock with independent cylinders.
  • Windows: It is recommended that windows also have a reinforced frame. The glass should be security or high security glass.
  • Grilles: Window grilles not only make access to the interior more difficult, but also act as a deterrent.

For those who do not have all the physical elements that we suggest, or for those who want even more security, we strongly recommend the installation of ground floor security alarms with detectors on the terrace and inside, which allow early detection of intrusion.

Security system

  • Alarm: It is important to install a good alarm system with the following elements: video detectors, outdoor detectors with or without camera (perimeter alarm), window detectors (breakage and magnetic detectors to detect tampering attempts) and indoor motion detectors with or without camera. Those that are connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre offer the best guarantees in three ways: 1) They have the deterrent panels that alert burglars that the house is under surveillance, 2) They display the pre-alarm recording (what caused the alarm to go off) and the alarm recording (what happens once the alarm has gone off) and 3) They guarantee an immediate and appropriate response by experienced staff.
  • Home burglary tips: certain measures, habits and customs can also act as a protective measure and/or slow down the burglary to buy time until security services and police show up.
  • Interior and exterior lighting: the vast majority of burglaries occur when no one is in the home, so simulating our presence is one way to prevent them. Indoor and outdoor lighting can easily lend itself to this with programmable socket solutions or home automation. Automatic lighting systems are also useful for doors and gardens.
  • Do not leave a copy of the key hidden under the doormat or in the flowerpot.
  • Do not share photographs of the house or information about holidays or other periods of absence on social networks.
  • Do not leave objects outside that attract the attention of burglars, such as a bicycle.

Conclusion - Ground floors can be safe if the right measures are taken

Ground floors are homes that allow you to enjoy a little bit of the countryside in the city and with the right protection measures they can have a high level of security.

At Trablisa we have expert security advisors who assess each individual case. Depending on the characteristics of each ground floor and other factors such as the criminality of the area, we determine the optimum alarm system for the property, which may include home automation options to increase security.

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