The deterrent plates of alarm systems, the first obstacle against burglary

The dissuasive plaques on alarm systems are the most visible part of the alarm system externally and therefore possibly the most familiar to anyone. It should be clarified that they are not simply a logo, nor do they serve to advertise companies, they are security elements that inform of the connection to an alarm receiving center, contracted through an alarm company and that fulfill this deterrent function. This is because burglars tend to choose villas or businesses where they can enter without risk or with little effort, and a property secured with an alarm system is not one of them. Serious companies, which burglars know perfectly well, are the best guarantee to keep them away. In other words, having a burglar deterrent plate reduces the likelihood of theft.

The dangers of fake deterrent plates

We want to start by talking about a recent trend. In recent years, especially in e-commerce, counterfeit deterrent badges have been offered for sale, impersonating the identity of security companies. These are often imitations or stolen plates, as the companies only rent them for the duration of the contractual relationship for the service provided. Fake badges are illegal (they infringe industrial property and intellectual property rights) and their effectiveness is more than doubtful.

What are the characteristics of deterrent plates?

Well-known companies in the security sector use expertly designed plates, which meet the requirements of graphic design and material composition.

  • Design requirements: typeface, tone and color combinations to make the plaque easily recognisable, visible and legible from a distance.
  • Material composition requirements: use of high-strength materials to withstand exposure to weathering.

 What information is included on a deterrent plaque?

  • Name and logo of the security company.
  • Type of alarm: specifies the type of system the building has (CRA, video surveillance, private security guards, inhibitor detection, etc.).
  • Contact details of the security company: includes the telephone number and, in some cases, also the website of the security company.
  • Police department number: this is a number specific to each security company.

 Where are the deterrent plates affixed?

The plaques, and sometimes stickers, are placed in strategic places: at the main entrances (entrance, garage...) as well as at the most vulnerable points of the building, those that burglars tend to use to gain access. This is where the deterrent plaques play a fundamental role, as they warn the thief of the existence of private security in the area, and can even prevent the robbery.

At Trablisa, we always carry out a risk assessment study before installing our alarm systems. We check your home or business to analyze the weak points and show you where burglars are likely to try to break in. Our deterrent plaques placed in key locations make Trablisa-insured buildings recognisable and have a strong deterrent effect, keeping burglars and intruders at a distance.

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