No-fee alarm kits: Are they really secure?

In recent years, alarm kits have become an alternative for people who want to protect their home or business. The main differences compared to connected alarms are the absence of fees and the fact that they are installed by the individual. What may at first appear to be advantages, especially in terms of cost, can, in a shorter or longer period of time, turn into real headaches. Experts and some consumer organisations, such as the German Stiftung Warentest, warn of the dangers of these alarm kits. These systems, which are easily found in construction and DIY shops, on the internet and in discount shops, provide a false sense of security, as their very basic functions have many shortcomings.

The main limitations of no-fee alarm kits are:

  • They do not communicate with an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).
  • Installation can be complicated
  • Technical failures and sabotage can lead to various errors.
  • They do not offer solutions for intrusions with people inside the building.
  • Mobile connection with security problems.

What does it mean that alarm kits are not connected to an ARC?

  • They do not have specialized technical support.
  • No direct connection to the police.
  • The owner is responsible for analyzing and verifying the alarm and alerting the police in case of an emergency.
  • As they are very basic devices, they have frequent failures and are easily manipulated by intruders.
  • Power outages can render self-installing alarms unusable.
  • These types of alarms are easily manipulated by intruders, who can sabotage them by various methods without generating any warning. These methods include: frequency inhibitors that inactivate the siren, theft of sensors, removal of the power supply...
  • Detectors have numerous security loopholes that sometimes lead to false alarm situations, for example: inability to distinguish pets from people, inability to detect broken glass or open doors...

Mobile phone connectivity to the alarm opens the door to hackers

While many alarm kits offer the possibility of connecting the device to the mobile phone, and sometimes even offer smart home services, it has been shown that these systems can sometimes have major security flaws in the protection of sensitive data.

In contrast, alarms connected to an Alarm Reception Centre have a team of security specialists ready to act immediately following the protocols established by the Ministry of the Interior.

When it comes to security, the solutions must be the right ones and they must also be perfectly installed. Therefore, it is best to seek specialist advice. Connected alarms try to achieve security that is completely adapted to the needs of each home or business, achieving the best protection.

For each of these shortcomings, connected alarms offer effective solutions:

  • Connected alarms are designed to cope with power cuts, as they have an internal battery, in addition to a UPS (energy storage) that keeps the alarm active. Alarm systems are also available on the market for locations where there is no power supply, as they have a small battery with a long battery life (4 years without needing to be recharged).
  • These systems are difficult to tamper with, as they generate an alarm signal.
  • The connected alarms, thanks to their quality and the greatest experience in the sector, do not present any digital security problems.

The hold-up button

In the event of intrusions in the home or business premises, if there is coercion, connected alarms offer a silent alarm function, which, when activated, immediately alerts the Alarm Reception Centre and notifies the police without the intruders being aware of it.

Trablisa has been working in the security sector for more than 45 years. Our experience and our alarm systems have already been tested many times, a background that allows us to offer you the solution that best adapts to each case.

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